Since 1934 the company Leithäuser has been established in the market for high-quality menswear.

Selected qualities, high-quality workmanship and creativity have allowed the company to grow rapidly and are still the success factors of the company today. This consistency is the reason for the reliability and safety that men value.

More than 1,000 selected specialist retailers as well as 300 vertically managed shops and stores in more than 40 countries worldwide place their trust in the third-generation family business.

The BENVENUTO. brand has made a name for itself as an innovation driver for Italian-inspired business outfits and is regarded as the "inventor" of the NOS (Never-Out-of-Stock) suit modular system. Today, the company is one of the largest and most innovative suppliers in this field. The combination of diverse qualities, high-quality fabrics and a wide variety of cuts offers the advantage of a tailor-made suit. In addition to the wide range of suits, BENVENUTO. offers a diverse seasonal collection. The company's traditionally close ties to Italy and the top-class weavers based there characterise the style and use of the fashion label's goods.

Yesterday as well as today, Leithäuser convinces its customers and dealers with product competence, innovation, value for money, reliability and service.

A promise for the future!

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