In 1952, a young man by the name of Jack O'Neill founded the California surf, snow and lifestyle brand O'Neill. With his boundless passion for surfing, he managed to defeat Mother Nature in her own element. With the invention of the wetsuit Jack was able to surf longer in the icy waves of Northern California. A short time later, he opened the garage doors of his first surf shop. Although many things have changed for Jack since those early days, his vision of functional and innovative boardriding products continues to be the foundation of all O'Neill products.


With a clear focus on brand essence - innovation in style and technology - O'Neill is fully dedicated to action sports. From the first wetsuit and the first surfleash to the first seamless surf shorts and breakthrough electronic devices, Jack O'Neill's spirit of innovation drives the brand forward. O'Neill products are around the world today. With an untroubled enthusiasm for the Actionsports culture, O'Neill is fully committed to progressive evolution, establishing himself as one of the premier lifestyle brands.


More information about O'Neill is available at www.oneill.com

+49 (0) 34954 429990

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