Bottega Del Sarto

Bottega del Sarto is a complete brand of suits, jackets, trousers, accessories and garments inspired by the refined Italian tailoring tradition, able to satisfy the most demanding man. Since our first steps, we have created unique and quality products, characterised not only by the Bottega del Sarto brand, but especially by unique lines and designs, which follow "Made in Italy" philosophy in all its aspects.

Who is looking for an item of clothing able to suit their personality and style, will find full satisfaction in the Bottega del Sarto "Stores". Our line is valued by quality of a handmade product and bu the attention to each detail: each piece is designed and manufactured following exclusively tailoring criteria.

Our tailored service offers to all our customers a personalised garment, that can meet all the different demands. In all our stores that provide this service can be defined the wearability that is more suitable to each customer.

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