Shopping Card


The perfect gift: an unforgettable day of shopping thanks to our gift card. You can choose an amount between 10 and 100 euros which is then loaded onto the card and can be used in more than 50 boutiques – the perfect way to make shopping dreams come true. The credit does not have to be spent all at once and is valid up to one year after the date of purchase. Any balance left on your gift card cannot be paid out in cash; it may only be used for future purchases. The gift card is available at our center information. Check the remaining balance on your gift card by going to:

The General Terms and Conditions under and provided with your gift card apply.

Accessibility & Wheelchair rental

In addition to numerous handicapped-accessible parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, access is barrier-free.
For people with physical disabilities, we also offer the possibility of renting a wheelchair for the duration of your visit. You can request and receive it in our center information.

Babycart rental

At our center information you can rent a babycart for free for the duration of your visit. Just ask our information staff.

Free shuttle bus

Every Saturday from Halle (Saale) and Leipzig
No reservation needed


Bus stop in Leipzig:
Main station; East side Bussteig 1

9:30 AM and 02:05 PM

Return from Halle Leipzig The Style Outlets to Leipzig:
01:15 PM and 05:45 PM


Bus stop in Halle (Saale):
Bus station at the main station; Bussteig 5

11:00 AM and 03:20 PM

Return from Halle Leipzig The Style Outlets to Halle (Saale):
02:50 PM and 07:15 PM


Please arrive at the departure points listed above at least 5 minutes before the specified times.
Times mentioned are approximate. Halle The Style Outlets cannot be held responsible in case of changes due to road traffic. No physical shuttle stop is visible at the departure points. The bus stop at Halle Leipzig The Style Outlets is located on the east side of the center, behind the 'Jack Wolfskin' store. Strollers are transported in the cargo space of the bus and can not be taken into the passenger transport area. Bicycles can not be taken.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Family rooms

Our family rooms and changing and nursing rooms can be found in the back part of the center, between Bottega Del Sarto and Pepe Jeans.
These are equipped with microwave, radiant heater, changing mat, seating and children's toilets.


innogy eStation UFV 50 kW von envia M

Die wichtigsten Features:

- Multistandard (CCS Typ-2, CHAdeMO, AC Typ-2)
> CCS (75 kW)
> CHAdeMO (75 kW)
> AC Steckdose Typ 2 (22kW)
- Individuell konfigurierbare Ladestecker-Konfiguration
- Paralleles Laden von 2 DC-Ladepunkten (dynamische Verteilung der DC-Ladevorgänge auf die Gesamtleistung des Chargers (50 kW) und einem AC-Ladepunkt mit 22 kW
> Ladestecker mit Fahrzeug verbinden
> Authentifizierung mit RFID Karte oder QR Code Scan
> Anweisungen auf Display folgen

AC-Anschlüsse: 30,00 ct/kWh brutto*
DC-Anschlüsse: 9,50 €/Ladevorgang brutto*


*Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr. Preise können je Anbieter variieren.
Dogs in the center

We are animal-loving and welcome your faithful four-legged friends to Halle Leipzig The Style Outlets.
Please understand, however, that for hygienic reasons it may not be possible to enter individual restaurants or shops with dogs.
For a little cooling for your quadruped, a dog filling station for animal refreshment is available at the center information.

Kuscheltier verloren?

Hat Ihr Kind sein Kuscheltier verloren? Dann helfen wir Ihnen gerne Teddy, Katze, Hund & Co. schnell wieder zu finden. Senden Sie uns gerne ein Foto des Kuscheltiers zu, sodass wir dieses in unseren sozialen Netzwerken veröffentlichen können. Mit Hilfe unserer Community begeben wir uns dann auf die Suche. Sobald das Kuscheltier gefunden wird, kann es an unserer Centerinformation von Montag bis Samstag, 10 bis 20 Uhr, abgeholt werden.

Falls Sie das Kuscheltier Ihres Kindes auf Facebook oder Instagram wieder erkennen sollten, kontaktieren Sie unsere Centerinformation unter +49 (0) 34954 49220 oder per E-Mail an, damit Ihr Familienmitglied möglichst schnell wieder zurück nach Hause kommt.

VIP Programm
Als VIP profitierst du von exklusiven Angeboten und Vorteilen und bekommst 2x im Jahr den VIP Style Pass, mit dem du 10 % bei teilnehmenden Marken sparen kannst.
Noch kein VIP? Entweder vor Ort an unserer Centerinformation registrieren oder HIER.
Public restrooms

Public restrooms are available free of charge in our centre.
Barrier-free, wheelchair-accessible rooms can also be found there.

Simply Style App

In the Simply Style App you can find:​

- The Style Outlets centres general information
- Exclusive promotions and discounts just for you!
- Your loyalty will be rewarded with access to the best offers!

Download the Simply Style App here:

Apple Store or Google Play Store

Free WiFi

Free WiFi in the whole centre.

Free parking

1,800 free parking spaces are available; including family parking and handicapped-accessible parking spaces.

Payment options & tax-free shopping

In addition to numerous electronic payment options, we also offer visitors residing outside the EU the possibility of TAX-FREE-SHOPPING.
Please do not hesitate to contact our information staff if you have any questions on this topic.

Center information

Offered services:

- General information
- VIP registration and gift cards
- First-aid kit
- Defibrillator
- Wheelchair and babycart rental
- Lockers

Contact information:

Tel.: +49 (0) 34954 49220


An unserer Centerinformation können Sie sich eine unserer Powerbanks mit Ladekabel für jedes Smartphone für Ihren Aufenthalt ausleihen.



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